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Supply Chain Digitization Solutions

e4score is a supply chain innovation leader providing shippers and their business partners, both carriers and customers, with supply chain digitization and visibility solutions. These solutions enable on-time shipment and on-spec assurance. Additionally, we offer operational efficiencies such as easy warehouse check in and out as well as rapid, accurate return authorization approval. Our solutions focus on reducing transportation waste and keeping drivers moving on-schedule so that shippers can become the “shipper of choice”.

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Complete shipment visibility

TrackAssured provides users with visibility to the location and condition of all of their shipments. Not only can users track the location of the shipment, but the condition as well. With TrackAssured, you can have complete confidence that your shipment is on track and intact. We provide you with peace of mind and the knowledge to take action before a shipment goes off track.

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Distribution center check-in & check-out automation

e4score can track and provide data from the time a truck leaves a facility to when the shipment is delivered. Our technology also increases the efficiency of Welcome Centers operation. Through our app, attendants can electronically check shipments in and out on a tablet, eliminating manual transactions and accelerating the pick-up and delivery process.  If the trailer is sealed with a Vypin RE-Seal, then the shipment can be recognized electronically, thereby enabling “no touch” check-in and check-out.

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Return Authorization automation.

Returns and refusals can be a logistical nightmare. We have established a system that takes the frustration out of managing  returns and refusals.  The e4score ExpressRA system makes it easy for customers to return unwanted products and for carriers to handle the refusal process.

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